Community Banking with Every Door Direct Mail

EDDM – Every Door Direct Mail

The US Post Office is meeting the demands of marketers and businesses with new and innovative programs. Familiar with Informed Delivery? What about EDDM? These are two services that many bank marketers are not familiar with. Yet, they provide incredible benefits.

EDDM is direct mail. It is the least expensive method of direct mail available. The rate is approximately 17 cents. With such a low rate, EDDM is extremely popular with banks and credit unions. Here are the highlights:

  • No list is required. There is no purchase of a direct mail list, and no data management necessary to utilize EDDM.
  • No Permit Fee. That’s right. The post office doesn’t even require a postage permit to be used with EDDM. While TAG can mail under our permit for our customers, this is still a nice feature of the program.
  • Increased response rates. The ability to print and mail flats at an EDDM rate means your 6.25 x 11” mailer will cost less than a postcard and garner more attention than those tiny 4.25 x 5” cards.
  • Pick the EDDM routes based on population ages, household income, and other factors.

There are many great ways to use EDDM for bank and credit union marketing:

  • New branch openings are perfect candidates for hitting every household in the surrounding neighborhood.
  • CD and savings deposit campaigns featuring great rates can uniquely target specific neighborhoods and household income levels.
  • Announcements such as expanded hours, new products, or promotions like lower mortgage rates are all great uses for EDDM campaigns.

When geographic location influences buying decisions, EDDM will help with reaching the masses in short order. Banking is a personal service that is oftentimes driven by local, especially for retail banking.

TAG is your marketing print service provider. Let us show you how to combine EDDM mail with online drivers and reverse IP targeting for digital ads to reach your targets with multiple channels in a short timeframe. TAG will drive results. Reach out to us today.