Welcome to the Club

They did it! And so did you! A new customer came to your site and placed their first order! You paid dearly for that first time, one time conversion. Now what? Are you going to barrage them with emails or do you want to do something unique and different to thank them and welcome them to your family?

Accelerate the Customer Journey

Customers react to compelling welcome kits that go beyond a canned, generic email which they receive from every other retailer. In fact, relevant and custom images convert 7x better than stock or non-relevant options. Move that one-time buyer to brand advocate and loyalist status by connecting with them based on their first purchase.

With first time customers you are developing a brand impression they will either talk about or ignore. Balance your brand building investment with the potential of each customer. Based on additional data, such as whether the source of the conversion appears price driven or if it was a gift purchase, you can determine the type of direct mail response they receive. It’s all about balancing the cost with the return – just like paying for a click.

make a first impression


Show off your culture and brand style. Send a note with an icon of your culture – a guitar pick, photo thank you card, or your latest reading list. Make the connection.


New customers love to feel like they’re part of something. Inviting them to join your loyalty club is a great next step in your relationship.

Create Brand Activists