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Offset & Digital Printing

digital printing

unparalleled versatility and high-quality results
Intelligent data automation integrated with print production drives variable creative and reduces cost while increasing response rates.
Our digital press work uses REAL INK. This means amazing quality with virtually no setup – every sheet can be variable, and it’s inexpensive for short-runs.

Digital printing ensures sharp and clear images, perfect for intricate designs and vibrant colors.

Variable Data Printing

Personalize each print with variable data, enhancing engagement and relevance.

quick turnaround

Digital printing’s fast setup and production times are ideal for time-sensitive projects.


Digital printing accommodates various materials, from paper to specialty substrates.

offset printing

superior quality, longer runs, large sheet sizes

Offset printing offers exceptional benefits for high-quality and high-quantity projects. Its precision printing process results in stunning quality. TAG’s press fleet includes only the best Heidelberg presses.

We know you care most about your print being on time, on budget, and in high-quality. The combination of our equipment and our people – delivers just that!

High Quality
Offset printing provides the most affordable option for high quality and longer runs.
large sheet size
With print sizes upto 30″ you can create a masterpiece or work with our team for an incredible design.
diverse paper selection
With a variety of colors, finishes, textures, and thicknesses, offset printing is a designers choice.
economical production
Producing work for store-ship, store-imprint-ship, or simply one shot print, mail and ship – can be extremely economical with offset.

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All services are supported by the best print management team and technology. Brand asset management, order automation and tracking, and even web2print technology are available to all Talient Action clients.

Web2Print portals

reduce turnaround time and costs.