The Storefront Keeps Getting Better

As one of the industry’s first to offer Web2Print technology, Talient Action Group has spent the last decade fine-tuning and perfecting the tools and experience for our users. The overall response to our platform has illustrated just how beneficial the storefront is in automating the process for our clients while also creating major efficiencies and cost savings.

The Web2Print platform isn’t merely an online shopping site for print. It’s a customized tool that allows customers to address content and print material needs across multiple channels. The tool can be designed to address needs of franchisees, channel partners, service subscribers, and most important, it can be integrated with several data sources to automate variable data print production from billing statements to marketing materials. Simply put, it’s Smarter Print.

“I really enjoy using the storefront. I find it to be easy to use, product descriptions w/photo is especially helpful. I like the drop-down feature w/price breaks, and the delivery date feature is a nice extra. …. Since we have multiple site locations and multiple departments within each site, the ability to add new ship to locations/contact person to each order comes in handy for us. All in all, very pleased with TAG Storefront!!”

– Amoskeag Health

During the past six months, the focus has been improving on the user interface of the site, especially as it pertains to the design and customization tools. This latest release represents our third major update in just the past two years. You can expect to see a far “prettier” interface, that also extends design tools to be more mobile friendly.  

We’re excited to release these new enhancements in the coming weeks. Be sure to keep an eye out for the latest and greatest version of the TAG Storefront soon!

Unfamiliar with our Web2Print offerings? Contact your TAG representative today!