With the real estate market at an all-time high with an influx of excessive demand, people across the country have been relocating to bigger and better homes, neighborhoods and areas. This movement has ignited increases in opportunity and ultimately revenue for countless industries. Defined as a “new mover”, the individuals that are choosing to relocate are a lucrative target market as their shopping habits tend to increase significantly.

New mover campaigns involve targeting the relocating individuals with the perfect combination of digital advertising and direct mail. Two times more likely to visit every top 500 online retail site than the average individual, the “movers” market is an extremely active contributor to the marketplace. This heavy online presence typically happens 6 months before and 6 months after a new home purchase and consists of more than just home furnishing websites. In fact, new movers are 88% more likely than the average individual to conduct an online search with the phrase “near me”, as they attempt to get to know their new neighborhoods, better proving that this group is looking to spend money in all areas.

The digital portion of the new movers campaign is straight forward in that the advertising is ideally targeting an individual based on known criteria. This information is either acquired through a data-house, social behavior or identified through partner apps which make the targets available. They are a very easily identified audience. This digital campaign is then paired with an ever-crucial direct mail component, designed to hit a consumer via multiple avenues, numerous times.

Upon engagement with the digital advertising portion of the campaign, a direct mail piece will typically follow shortly after to solidify presence in the “new movers” mind. With over 80% of new movers looking to redeem coupons and offers from merchants before, during and after the move, it is critical to incentivize the direct mail pieces with offers, discounts, and other valuable rewards to encourage consumers to try your products or services. Your direct mail outreach should provide a reason for the new mover to engage with your company, whether it be a response to a previous email, a visit to your website or ideally a purchase of your services or products.

New movers are not reliant on one marketing channel over another, making it very important to reach them at all, cohesively and impactfully. Your communications during the first 6 months to a year before, and after a move will help in developing brand recognition and ultimately determine your relationship with this lucrative market of consumers.