Talient Action Group & Ben Franklin Printers Merge Operations

We have some exciting news! We are happy to announce that on May 20th Ben Franklin Printers (BFP) of Manchester, NH merged their operations and team with us. We are excited about this merger since these two teams are so perfectly aligned. We share many core values and are all dedicated to our clients and the craft.  

Marc Pinsonneault, who has owned and operated BFP for nearly 30 years stated, “Our companies have had similar equipment and services for many years. Sean and his team at TAG have done an incredible job at adding technology that many print firms simply can’t. We are thrilled to be able to offer these new services to our clients, and to join his team.”

The merger took place without interruption to any services which is a testament to the team’s dedication. Print marketing is thriving and by acquiring BFP, TAG will be able to share the same top-notch customer service, quality print products, and technology with even more clients.

Sean Owen, President of Talient Action Group, shared his insight on print saying, “Wise marketers know that print marketing outperforms many channels. Direct mail has been growing over the last few years, as email marketing and digital ads become less effective. No single channel works alone. Today, clients need an omnichannel approach – digital ads, direct mail, email, and much more. We are a unique print marketing service provider in our offerings.”

TAG has developed technology for increasing response rates for web visitors through direct mail marketing, while at the same time building automations only seen in digital channels, until now. The “Smarter Print” services offered by TAG integrate web behavior, CRM activity, and transactional data with triggered direct mail, email, and advertising. Customers have consistently found increasing response rates and conversions to purchase due to the programs created by TAG. 

BFP isn’t the first printer to merge into the family. TAG also acquired Proofing House Press just two years ago and has now completed three acquisitions in the print marketing industry. Each prior acquisition has seen customers grow their relationships with TAG due to the increased service offerings and results. The expanded die-cutting and custom finishing services of Proofing House Press added to the arsenal of Heidelberg offset and HP Indigo digital presses in our facility and expanded our creative service offerings.

Matt Hanna, who joined TAG with the acquisition of Proofing House Press, his former company, stated, “The technology at TAG is crazy. It’s been a great ride, and I’ve tremendously enjoyed the last two years. A number of my customers are smiling with the implementation of our online print storefronts. I look forward to working with Marc and the team from BFP.” To learn more about our printing capabilities and all the ways we can support your marketing, reach out to a TAG representative today!