Our communities are the most important aspect of our lives. It’s where we live, raise families, work, and play. We want them to be safe and friendly, and to provide opportunity for everyone. TAG recognizes this. Our team has been huge supporters of the non-profit world which works long and hard to make our society better by helping all individuals.

At TAG, we strive to produce a million clicks each year for good causes. Oftentimes, we can do this direct with a non-profit, and sometimes, it’s a corporate client approaching us for some in-kind or discounted work. Without fail, we will provide non-profits discounts. And, oftentimes, we can put together a program for in-kind work, too.

Our team has supported organizations such as:
United Way
Child & Family Services
NH Food Bank
YMCA of Greater Nashua
Granite YMCA

Inquire about our ONE MILLION CLICKS for social good.