Have you noticed an increase in the direct mail marketing in your mailbox? It’s on the rise, and there’s good reason. it works.

Gmail, Office365, Yahoo, AOL (who’s that?), RCN, Comcast, Time Warner, and all the email providers are trying to protect your inbox. The new Primary, Social, Promotions or Focused Inbox features have made email marketing working harder to get the same results. Not to mention, there are simpler more and more retailers using email. The mailbox doesn’t discriminate against your message. It’s always seen and touched by your target.

Direct mail can also be smart. TAG is the expert at Smarter Print. Using data can drive amazing results. As an online retailer, imagine the following automations for direct mail:

  • Postcard sent to all abandoned carts for the week with an image of the product the consumer had in their cart
  • A personalized invitation to a private sale for inactive accounts that haven’t been seen in 3 months
  • Escalated offers sent to the individual who keeps clicking on emails, but never buys
  • Mini-catalogs (each one personalized) sent to your most loyal consumers to drive large cart purchases

Those are the simple examples of how to use your data in smarter printing. Imagine all the possibilities.

Learn how to setup automatic exports of your data to drive direct mail campaigns, and most important – how to setup metrics to measure the results. A lift in sales is the target. TAG us to hit it.