Show Off Your Metal: Metallic Ink Print

Silver and gold are some of the most popular colors during the holiday season, but they’re also quickly picking up popularity year-round. This should come as no surprise though, as we often associate these tones with great value and importance, whether they’re on a piece of jewelry or a postcard. These colors are as elegant as they are eye-catching and any product which utilizes their metallic sheen is instantly elevated. But, how do they translate into print? The answer is, very well!

In the world of print, metallic printing is high in demand and more consumers are seeking its appeal. After all, everyone loves to have a little shiny gold hanging around their house or office. At TAG, we’ve got the touch for all things special. That’s why we offer unique metallic inks, digital sleeking, and embossed or flat foil stamping. Metallic and foil options come in a variety of colors, too. Newer digital foils can be created using a silver or gold underlay metal sleek and an overprint which then colors the sleek/foil to any color on the spectrum. Or, metallic inks and foils can be purchased in specific color palettes. Whether we are using them on business cards or invitations, the results are always breathtaking.

We recently printed a piece for Cisbio’s holiday card using metallic ink. Their goals were to stand out, grab attention, and provide their clients with an exciting and noteworthy card this holiday season. While this card and many other print pieces aren’t specifically for advertising, it’s always important to stand out from the crowd.

This card’s clever design and overall celebratory appearance make it an item which will be eye-catching on anyone’s desk. While the design definitely could have stood alone, the extra sheen and glimmer of the metal really make it a noteworthy piece, which is exactly what the client wanted.

When planning the design of an exceptional print piece, definitely keep in mind the benefits of using metallic inks and foil stamping. To learn more about TAG’s printing capabilities and see more examples of print pieces which are worth their weight in gold, take a look around our website!