Reduce Print Costs With The Right Mix of On-Demand, Stored, and Automated Production

Over the last decade, your print marketing dollars per prospect or client should have dropped. YES, the average cost per person to market through print is decreasing. Have you experienced this decrease?

Production can be costly, but a great printer has a diverse equipment arsenal and service offering. They can produce the right project through the most cost-effective method.

Smart Buying – Everything can be ready for you. Orders in bulk can be placed and stored in a warehouse until shipments are needed. Conversely, printing on-demand will help minimize waste from product obsolescence. Inventory is best managed by determining the method of print and release – from shells, to stored for pick and ship, to on-demand. A good print partner and solid technology will help easily make these decisions.

Web2Print allows for masterful control over inventory:

  • Print on Demand – The king of short-run, highly personalized, digital printing options allows for orders to be printed as they are placed. This reduces any wasted over-prints from obsolescence and allows for the greatest personalization.
  • Master Orders – Some items are simply best ordered in bulk. That’s ok with Web2Print. Place a master order and allow regional offices to order against that inventory. Chargeback local markets or allow it to be no-charge items. These items are simple pick-n-ship – fast and easy.
  • Shells – This is the combination of savings from master orders and maintaining a degree of personalization through on-demand imprints.

Managing the inventory for print materials is key, but even more savings are generated simply by using the Web2Print platform. Click and order, and minutes later that file is sitting at a press, ready for production. Seriously, it’s that fast.

Automation – Bring your print marketing strategy to the next level. The more automation, the more savings. The marketing automation technology allows companies to send hyper-personalized print marketing materials directly to the consumers. Automation can reduce up to 80% of the manual work time spent on printing materials – our ability to automate print is incredible. Here are some examples of what can be automated.

  • List management for direct mail
    • The list purchasing will be managed and coordinated, ensuring that the mailer is sent to the right contact. Live list acquisition can achieve real-time results. Imagine a user on a web site requesting more information and that info generating a direct mail piece. Consider a ‘new-movers’ list of residential targets being automatically generated and mailed each week. List automation can be an amazing tool for streamlining and generation consistent leads and new business.
  • Specialty variable data printing
    • VDP can produce personalized print advertising pieces to target new audiences or get current customers to buy more while saving you time and money. It sounds like it is adding more time and money because it is more personalized to the consumer but it’s not. Don’t worry! VDP works by applying data about your target to direct mail and using it to create personalized pieces. Whether there’s little or a lot of data. A web site visitor abandoning a cart can receive direct mail, just as easily as an email. We can even send direct mail to anonymous web site visitors. We can identify web visitors via their IP, and obtain their name and home address for direct mail marketing.

Regardless of what level of marketing prowess or simple print production you require, the team at Talient Action Group can show you some incredible case studies. Set yourself up for success and savings.

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