PURL – Using Personalized URLs for Increased Results

Marketing made hyper-personal is a great way to engage all audiences, especially millennials. The PURL has been around for quite some time. The www.yourdomain.com/+personalURL stimulates the recipient of direct mail to explore the online destination. That’s the objective. Sure, we want to send someone to a landing page or web site, and hopefully, we’re using technology to the fullest to personalize that page based on who is arriving. There’s even greater value to the PURL than just that one visit.

Response Rates Increase with PURL Use

The PURL affect is what drives users to check-out the address. This has been proven to drive increased engagement rates for direct mail. The users are curious about what’s at the other end. Whether the piece drives an obvious PURL address or an incognito approach, both significantly increase the drive from direct mail to email.

Track Options

The beauty of a PURL is the tracking and ability for future marketing. Obviously, when a user enters a PURL you are able to track who used the PURL. That’s when the tracking begins. Knowing what direct mail messaging and targeting is working, allows smart marketers to maximize their budgets. When a user lands on a landing page or web site, you are also able to drop a cookie or Facebook pixel onto their browser/computer so that you can now market to them through remarketing digital ads. You successfully identified individuals who have expressed and interest, and your advertising dollars are being hyper-targeted to those individuals.

Incognito PURLs

Are you concerned people may not want to go to a web address with their name? No worries. Simply create PURLs that are not their name. One option is to create an enter-for-more code. By using a code, recipients are encouraged to get access to more information or specific tools, online. Because these are codes, the user will assume they are not being identified. But, again, you have the connection between the target and the PURL. Thus, remarketing is also still a great option. Gain access to our White Paper on ‘x’ by using the code: 54656. This can be in the format of www.talientaction.com/54656 or you can simply provide a URL and the code. They have the same outcome.

PURLs are generally managed by marketing systems which track the user once they have used the PURL. This allows you to see additional web visits in the future, and to track their interactions. They can go as far as tracking web, social interactions, and future email activity. You should want to know more by now, so give us a call.