Package Inserts Retain Customers & Increase Purchase Frequency

Marketers everywhere are finally realizing there is more to product packaging than simply the shipping box. Inclusion of a package insert offers your brand the ability to deliver low cost, highly engaging content. It is a great way to speak directly to new and current customers, by cross-selling products, offering shelf-life brand impressions or physical elements which encourage future purchases and build the ultimate customer loyalty.

Inserts can be simply printed materials with a great unique finish such as a soft-touch laminate or a die-cut shape that creates a memorable interaction. The package inserts can also be designed to be retained by the customer. These may be product care instructions, how-to directions, or complimentary information. Get creative on how you present the information to customers.

Remember, the best part of the print world is the tactile nature. Whether it’s a unique stock, weight, shape, print effect or an entirely different printed medium, the brand message becomes clear.

Imagine a music company inserting a bounce-back coupon or exclusive online service (that will collect data, too), through a printed sheet that reflects the shape of a drum set or guitar. The printed materials may be embossed, 3D, even a hologram to be sure they stand out. All too often, the package insert is treated as a cost point to the original sale. That’s not the case. It is a repeat purchase tool. It is a brand impression. Perhaps that same music company includes a branded guitar pick with every order. It’s there as a simple brand statement, just as a fortune cookie has one key message.

At TAG, we’ve worked with countless companies and well-known brands to develop pieces that will be great takeaways for customers. See a gallery of a few of these unique inserts.

Check Out Some of TAG’s Latest Package Inserts: