The point of sale is one of, if not the most crucial, places in all of marketing. It is at this moment a consumer decides whether or not to buy your product.  You better bring your A-game! POS advertising can take place in many shapes and forms, but the classics never-fail. Large format posters, digital displays, shelf talkers, tear pads, counter top tents, and many other print materials drive another sale.  

While there is a time and place for other in-store and POS advertisements, posters are a must have because they work. A well-designed poster can go a long way in reinforcing your brand, convincing your customers of a product’s value, and even encouraging them to purchase more than they originally intended.

A recent study conducted by Brigham Young University found that items with signs or posters around them had sales 20% higher than items that had none. This number becomes especially important when you remember that 70% of purchases aren’t decided until a consumer is actually inside a store. This statistic makes perfect sense, as a poster is a subtle yet blatant reminder of what a consumer should be buying and why. 

Imagine what a store would look like without posters, the windows would be bare, the walls vacant, and the front of the store nearly empty. Posters provide not only information but a setting that is ripe for purchasing. Good POS advertising should inform and persuade but also contribute to a store’s overall aesthetic and customer experience. This is why the design and the placement of POS signage is important.

What can you do to ensure your business has the best POS signage? The first step is determining what will attract your customers’ attention and entice an upsell. Once you have a product, message, and general vision in mind, the next step will be the basics. Determine how many posters you need, the various sizes, and be prepared to outline all your stores for each manager. Oftentimes, no two locations are alike.

There are a handful of factors that impact the decision making of both the material and design features of a large format POS asset. With materials ranging from foam core and coroplast to the more traditional poster board, it can be hard to determine which to choose. Depending on placement, application, and desired consumer reaction, the POS material used should be strategic in nature. For example, it is best to use a thicker, light weight medium on a POS asset when placement within the store is free-hanging to prevent any type of warping or curling; while a thinner/lighter medium is best for adhesion to a wall. Many factors contribute to a decision – backlit positions, attached frames or brochure holders, technology embedded in the display, and all the other options.

TAG has become an expert in signage over the years and our team members would be happy to assist you in this process! Not to mention, our technology helps to manage signage programs whether for permanent product way finding or promotional sales. The logistics of POS and signage programs are equally important to the designs.

TAG knows what can make or break POS advertisements in any industry and can set you up for major success. Begin the process of your POS setup by connecting with a TAG poster expert today!