Keep Them Coming Back for More: Customer Retention & Direct Mail

We’ve all been there, you’re in what appears to be a concrete relationship with a customer and then, poof, the next day they’re gone and taking their business to your competitor. The cliché, “it’s not you, it’s me” sometimes seems insincere and you’re left wondering where you went wrong. We’re here to give you some honest advice, if you’re struggling with customer retention, then the problem isn’t with your customers, it’s with you. So, what can you do about it?

Customer retention can and should be a multi-faceted approach, but one effective channel which should never be overlooked is direct mail. Utilizing direct mail to retain your current customers means more than sending a simple postcard or discount flyer, your direct mail needs to have something a little extra-special to remind your customer how much they mean to you. You wouldn’t try to win back your ex with a generic card and your customer is no different. Remember, everything is fair in love and war, and this is especially true in the world of marketing! Consider the following direct mail tactics to nurture your current customers and win back the ones you’ve lost.


We know we talk about the importance of personalization a lot, but we think it can’t be emphasized enough. Personalization is often the key to unlocking the door of a successful direct mail campaign. Don’t settle for mail that is bland and generic, instead connect with each customer individually. Make your customer feel as if they are your only customer and that their happiness is how you measure your own success. Personalization may sound daunting but it’s not. Through the use of Variable Data Printing you can easily produce large quantities of direct mail advertising pieces but still have each piece tailored to every customer. Personalize your loyalty program pieces, remind them of your products which might aid their future purchases, or use an image that you know will resonate with them. Your options to personalize a direct mail piece are limitless through VDP and you should be utilizing it for every piece you send.


Every marketer wants to be creative, but how many actually are? Direct mail is the perfect landscape for some major creativity yet so many direct mail pieces are ubiquitous and dull. Don’t let your mail pieces blend in with the crowd! You wouldn’t purchase a loved one a boring gift, you’d pick something to excite them and encourage them to further connect with you. Customers want to feel excited about your brand and it’s up to you to create that opportunity. From scented stocks to 3D effects, there is an endless list of ways to show off your creativity and grab your current and previous customers’ attention. Create a piece that would stand out to you and get you talking to others about it. Nobody gets excited about receiving a simple flyer and coupon because they’re boring and overused. Think about all the mail you’ve received this week, which, if any, of the pieces have stood out to you?


Give your current customers a way to be heard. Even though negative feedback can be hard to take, it’s part of maintaining a healthy relationship. Without feedback, you can never improve. Utilize current customer data to prepare a direct mail piece which will address their concerns and frustrations. Customers like to feel heard and valued and showing them that you’re aware of their needs can build a sense of appreciation and trust. If there are customers who have had a bad experience, personalize a piece to incentivize them to return, if there have been issues with any aspect of your customer service, use direct mail to share how you will resolve the issue. Be transparent through your mail pieces so that your current customers can see your determination to better serve them now and in the future.

To learn more about customer retention and your options with direct mail, please contact one of TAG’s experts today!