How Web2Print Can Help Your Franchise

For franchises and multi-location businesses, there are many moving parts to your marketing and promotions.  It can be difficult to keep your brand well protected from decentralized users while still providing easy access to encourage marketing activity. At TAG, we want to ensure multi-location businesses have the tools available to maintain the identity of their brand and ensure their success.  Here are some of the ways a great Web2Print solution can save you dollars, increase efficiencies and even drive happiness.

  1. Protect Your Brand

When it comes to multiple locations, each with its own management, it’s crucial to have all your branded materials available, but protected. From business cards and letterheads to direct mail pieces and signage, you can create templates for your franchisees to use.  These online design systems can allow as much or as little editing as you’d like. You decide. Empower your various locations to use great marketing that you’ve created while still localizing and personalizing the brand.

  1. Manage Inventory

When it comes to each location’s needs, it can prove difficult to manage and track where common materials are shipped, stored, and used from location to location. Through Web2Print technology, your locations can order what they need when they need it, allowing you to focus on the bigger picture. But you control the parameters of utilization. Does a branch typically need only 500 of one brochure a quarter? Does another location in a busy urban market utilize 4x that quantity? Do you need to store materials in multiple locations? When managing print inventory, you are managing dollars. Web2Print ensures you track those dollars carefully.

  1. Easy Ordering

In the day-to-day operations of your business, the last thing you need is a complicated ordering process. That’s why TAG’s Web2Print makes for a smooth, user-friendly experience to ensure your orders are quicker and easier. The technology can also guard against errors. Design tools can help manage the personalization options – drop-down options for artwork and content replacement, change out phone numbers, location information, standard language blocks, all without ever typing a word.

  1. Centralized Online Proofing

Even with a quick and easy way to order, you still want to see final proofs on your materials. There’s no easier way to view them than with Web2Print. Here, you can view proofs, and be certain that any materials ordered from any location, fit your brand and budget before moving forward.

5. Savings

The most common feedback on Web2Print technology is directly related to all the benefits already named. It is the savings.

  • Reduced waste through better visibility into who is ordering what materials and are they organized within their location to properly store, retrieve, and utilize the materials.
  • The time saved from the constant quoting of projects, submitting orders, checking on status, verifying orders for multiple locations.
  • The negotiated print pricing that yields the best contract rates across all materials.
  • The centralization of other 3rd party vendor materials within the same Web2Print platform.
  • Reduced shipping costs through decentralized print across the US and internationally.

When it comes to your printing needs, our team at TAG wants to make sure you find the convenience and technology tools you deserve. We pride ourselves on having leading Web2Print services, and we’re committed to providing you the best quality print and customer experience.