We’ll keep this post brisk because, frankly, it would be contradictory not to.

Lose the ego, and stop assuming that your communications receive special attention. They don’t. No one has the time or patience to read an unsolicited, double-spaced, double-sided, three-page letter, even if it is well-written and makes fantastic points. The reality, which you already know, is that we live in a fast-paced world with information overload.

Given that, our assumption at TAG is that our clients will be afforded, at most, seven seconds of readership.

Think of your own behavior… You’ve just walked in the house with a pile of mail under your arm. You toss it on the kitchen counter, and with the trash can nearby, you begin filtering. Bills? Those stay. A wedding invitation, a birthday card, your favorite catalog… Yep, yep, yep – that all stays too.

And now the rest: the stuff you don’t recognize. Time to pull that trash bin a bit closer… Credit card offers, a menu from the local Chinese restaurant, a coupon for an oil change… And a piece of political mail. Let’s focus on that.

What attention do you give it? Be honest. You glance, flip it over, glance some more, and flip it over again. Seven seconds, tops. That’s our window. It’s small, but more than enough opportunity to be effective.

So, how do you do it? Stay on task, and never lose sight of the seven second rule:

LOGOS – Front and Back, nice and big. Strategically placed and sized to catch the eye quickly.

BULLET POINTS – Remember KISS? No, not the band that fueled your teenage angst. We’re talking about the principle noted by the U.S. Navy in 1960: Keep it Simple Stupid. Use bullet points, and keep them short, sweet, and to the point.

ACCENTS & REVERSE COLORS – They work. Used accurately, they will convey headlines or draw the eye to a simple message (like the date of Election Day, or how to reach your campaign or organization).

PERSONALIZATION – Make it about the recipient as they relate to you. Be personal and the conversation changes instantly.

The templates available on our online political print site, www.tagHQ.com, are designed to maximize the seven seconds of readership. Check them out, or give us a ring! We’re here to help you deliver your message, while your opponents get lost with the credit card offers in the trash.