Gift Giving Made Easy Using TAG’s Storefront

Between tight schedules, the unavoidable craziness that deadlines bring, and endless options to choose from, finding the right corporate gift for your clients or employees is no easy task. There is no better way to show your gratitude for hard work and a strong partnership than with a token of appreciation.

Employee gifting is a great way to increase employee morale and build your team. Thanking them for the long hours and hard work they put in week after week is essential. Many companies have ‘branded portals’ where they offer employees bonus-bucks to ‘purchase’ a branded hoodie or Bluetooth speaker. It’s a creative way to build brand, along with employee engagement. These storefronts have earned a new purpose in this new remote world.

Whether offering a bonus gift or a holiday gift to employees or seeking to thank clients at the holidays, these Web2Print portals can be structured to let your friends select the perfect gift for themselves. And, even more important, the entire fulfillment and shipping process is automated. With so many remote workers, this will help your packages reach the right destination in all your relationships.

Finding new ways to stay connected and voice your gratitude is critical. Most face to face interactions with employees and clients have been minified due to COVID-19. Gift giving allows you the opportunity to connect in these strange new times. And, they keep that personal connection alive and well.

Cultivating this sense of company culture, inside and out, has never been easier. Offer your employees and clients a variety of products to choose from – branded water bottles, t-shirts, hats and so much more! And the best part? TAG manages the fulfillment and shipment of all the gifts. The team of experts at TAG ensure that each and every gift you offer in your storefront is ordered, packaged and shipped, along with a personalized note from you. Show your appreciation to that hard-working team and those loyal clients this year, without the burden of a traditional gift giving process. Contact your TAG representative today!