Franchisees Customize Designs Online

Saving Time and Budget

As a franchisor, it can be challenging for your franchisees to execute marketing on their own. They want help, but sometimes feel ‘corporate’ materials do not fit their local market. Conversely, franchisees that go rogue might not fit in with the bigger picture for the brand. So, how do you resolve the dilemma of encouraging your local markets and franchisees to actively market while keeping your brand intact? Talient Action Group’s Web2Print portal is the solution.

Web2Print is the perfect tool when running a multi-location business, especially with locations in very different markets and different ownership. Franchisors can provide branded design templates that protect the brand, while still allowing for localization and personalization. Your franchisees can then create whatever marketing materials are appropriate for their market.

Empowered franchisees given the right tools and assets will market your brand.

For example, let’s look at one franchise 1’s dilemma. A single restaurant franchisee owns multiple locations in Maine. They want to create local specials for lobster rolls. Another franchisee has locations in Louisiana and they’d love to promote some Cajun Jambalaya. But as a franchisor, you haven’t supplied them with the tools to localize a menu with a few simple clicks and keys. With a successful Web2Print solution you can encourage them to market great local products while still maintaining the franchise’s brand. Maybe the Maine location uses flyers to hand out to tourists and drop at local hotels, but the Louisiana location has tons of outdoor tables and table tents that really attract passersby. Both options are simple with an online web2print portal. 

In addition to controlling brand despite market differences, our online design tools allow franchisors to select the extent of design freedom.

Whether it’s for a brochure, business card, direct mail piece, or any other collateral, you can determine the level of design allowed. The designs can easily be shared among all the locations, as well. Further creating value and convenience for franchisees. Maybe the posters that the Louisiana restaurant used are something the Maine spot liked and wants to use for themselves! On your end, you’ll be able to monitor the budgets being spent and the quantities of the items that will help you reduce waste and save money. Let your individual locations order what they want when they need it, so you can keep your eye on the bigger picture.

So, remember, your local markets and franchises are not going to market without your support.

Approval processes and the time needed to create original marketing materials is a large hurdle to overcome. Build a Web2Print portal with TAG to empower your local markets to become brand advocates. Pre-approved brand material with easy approval processes and money-saving opportunities will see your individual locations putting out marketing materials in no time!

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