Curious about how craftsmanship meets technology? TAG is the perfect outing for your school group or corporate office.

Marketing teams love visiting TAG and learning more about unique.. paper stocks, finishing techniques like packaging and die-cutting, digital vs. offset printing, and the creative print techniques such as white-ink, printing on colored stock, kiss-cuts, pre-die stocks, multi-hit texture printing, and more. Inquire about out 45 minute tour. Attendees will learn tons of applicable print and marketing communication techniques. And, each attendee will leave with personalized note cards and envelopes, paper swatches, and specialty materials.

Educational groups have been touring TAG for years. Students are amazed at “how that happens” in a print shop. Many are attracted to the shiny technology of digital presses and intense data applications, while others throw it a bit more old school and appreciate the finishing of an eon old craft. Students leave with personalized note sheets, a customized classroom wide-format poster, and a boat load of knowledge.