Brilliant Direct Mail to Inspire

The direct mail of yesterday is certainly not the direct mail of today. Companies are becoming savvier and more creative with their direct mail pieces and some of the results are breathtaking.

We recently took time to look over some truly outstanding direct mail pieces. While some of the pieces we loved had marketing aspects would be intimidating for smaller companies to try and follow, they are still a great example of direct mail done right and can serve as inspiration for other companies looking to expand their direct mail techniques.

Help Customers to Feel Good About Themselves:

It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in, everyone likes an ego boost, and if you can supply your customers with that you’re definitely heading in the right direction. One piece we looked at capitalized on this especially well. Athletica knew their customers sometimes struggled with motivation throughout their weight lose journey, so they created a beautiful monthly calendar which served not only as inspiration but as support. These calendars were excellent because they provided a visual guide to their customers but also helped them keep their focus on the future and not the past.

Get Creative:

Everyone can appreciate something extra creative. We like to be pleasantly surprised by something. For example, Skoda Yeti’s Park Assist System was incredibly unique with the use of third dimension. This direct mail piece came with a miniature car which you could then actually park within the mailing. While third dimension fliers may not be possible for everyone, being creative should be at the forefront of every advertising campaign, both digital and print. Find out what sets your company apart and then find a unique way to convey that message, creativity doesn’t require over the top effects, all it needs is a little inspiration!


It’s no secret that you want your customers to interact with your advertising as much as possible, so create a piece they can’t put down! Ikea’s Side Table Pop-Up got customers to be hands-on with their direct mail piece by encouraging customers to create a mini table out of the mailing. The mailing came with instructions and all the pieces you’d need to create an exact miniature replica of their iconic table. While this example may be a bit complex for the average business owner, the basics can be used by anyone. Give your consumers a reason to interact with your piece, whether in print, online, or preferably both! The more they are exposed to your advertising, the more likely they will be to remember your brand.

Your Next Successful Advertising Campaign:

It is evident that successful direct mail is no longer about generic postcards and fliers, these companies, and many others, are creating pieces of direct mail advertising which aren’t just interesting but also artistic! Additionally, creative pieces can easily work alongside digital advertising, giving you a double punch for success! Just like traditional direct mail fliers, your creative pieces should also be customized to work hand in hand with your digital advertising (meaning you tailor the direct mail pieces you send to customers based on their online interactions with your brand). Using these levels of customization along with some strong creative, and your advertising campaign is sure to be a major success!

Use these pieces to inspire you to bring your direct mail advertising to the next level. Talk to your printer and see what inspiration you can use to build your own company’s mail advertising. Maybe your company will be on next year’s list of brilliant mailings!

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