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Frequently (and not so frequently) Asked Questions

PDF is the standard that makes life easy for everyone. However, it’s always a good idea to zip up your native files (Adobe Creative Suite) so that we can make serious changes, just in case. We want to make printing as easy for you as possible. By supplying your native files, our cracker jack digital team can better facilitate file changes, variable data work, and much more!
Once you finish the upload, you should receive an instant confirmation. If not, please contact us to be sure they arrived from their digital flight across the internet safely. Our standard turnaround is one week from proof approval. If no proof is requested, then you can expect your printing to be complete and ready for shipment within the week. Of course, we know how sometimes a bit of time needs to be shaved off – so give us a call or drop us a note if that’s the case. We will only commit if we know for sure we can hit your deadline.
Sure. If you prefer to use an FTP site, we can setup a user specifically for you. This upload tool is pretty robust, though. You can drag and drop and see your status so… give it a test drive.