Digital printing definitely has advantages. TAG utilizes only HP Indigo Presses which are ink based, and not toner based copier machines. Toner simply don’t meet our level of quality. Using an ink based press provides a crisper print, great color balance without that toner sheen, and the ink adherence to a variety of stocks is much better – so no flaking or cracking on folds.

The best parts of digital are the incredible options for specialty stocks like soft touch and synthetics, crazy inks from fluorescent to white and metallics, and foil options with sleeking. Digital is probably best known for kicking off the variable data print world which drives the highest response rates in direct mail – actually of virtually any marketing channel.


Digital Printing


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We never sacrifice quality. Our team of craftsmen are a mix of 40+ year veterans and young bucks who have taken to the craft with new found zeal. We pour a bit of our heart, brains, and soul into each project from our techies and marketing savvy teams to our ink on paper, and specialty die-cutting finishing teams. We care about what we put in the box or in the mail. Only the best will do.


Your marketing and sales efforts are time sensitive and our operations are equipped to support those needs. TAG’s technology is second to none. TAG clients have learned to simply ask – can we automate this? We’ve literally brought projects from 40+ hours to less than 2 in how they can be prepared for press. We are data experts and can built incredible programs utilizing digital technology. It’s not just about the press. The data can be key for access to information used to personalize a piece or to produce materials on an automated basis. Plus we have a variety of equipment to meet those various marketing needs.

Digital Printing


Digital covers all the bases, and is best known for the savings on low quantity runs. Additionally, explore how to automate the ordering of print materials for better tracking and cost controls – plus, even less time spent in production.

Digital Printing
Digital Printing


Build a loyal following through well-executed, integrated direct marketing strategies. Engage your customers and gather valuable data with every interaction. Not only will your campaigns build loyalty right from the start, they’ll get better and better with every touch.


New business is what every brand wants. Whether it’s supporting a sales team with lead generation or nurturing or driving direct inbound traffic to a retail or online store, TAG has done it all. Your marketing team will enjoy chatting with our experts. We know the game, and we are the best.

Digital Printing


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