Web2Print: Vendors and Digital Asset Management

A company’s desire to use great online print management technology is oftentimes halted by a fear of being locked into one vendor. We will do a bit of myth-busting, and you’ll be amazed at your freedom.

Web2Print allows for masterful control over inventory:

Advertising Specialty Items – When you have multiple locations giving away promotional products, it’s imperative that you can track usage, shipping, master orders, etc. Web2Print will allow you to manage all these aspects, and TAG even lets you use our technology to manage other vendors.

Apparel – In many cases, TAG has been able to structure our Web2Print technology to assist with employee onboarding or seasonal/promotional clothing changes. That’s right – no more managing communications, sizes, preferences on clothing types, and more for employees. Just structure your allowances and requirements in the Web2Print portal and launch your seasonal or onboarding efforts.

Print In Your Office – Oftentimes, you just need to print something on your desktop printer but have no easy template or system. This may even be the case with regional offices – that daily menu, the notice on the front door, elevator signs. Each location just needs an easy design tool. Use the Web2Print technology to edit online templates, download a finished PDF, and print it on their local desktop printer. That’s right – free technology for your usage.

A few tips for hunting down the best Web2Print technology:

First and foremost – Be sure your Web2Print agreement gives you the right to add other vendors. Yup, that’s right – add other printers, other ad specialty or promotional product vendors, even tradeshow partners. Being able to manage several vendors in one centralized location can save a lot of time from having to coordinate orders with multiple different points of contact. By having ALL your marketing related vendors in one location, your management time can be cut by 70-80%. All vendors can have access to receive orders, denote shipments, manage payments, inventory levels, approval processes, etc.

Reporting – Another important aspect is the data that web2print can provide you as a user. Whether you’re a franchisor, multi-location business, or simply a business seeking to understand your print usage, Web2Print reporting can be very robust. It will show you how to better order products for savings, what products are most common among your users, and help you manage obsolescence.

Content is King – Customers love the online design tools, but what’s generally a huge surprise is the diversity of the materials that can be made available online. Sure – print stuff is the most common on a Web2Print portal, but image keeping all your important content there – social posts, HTML email templates, signage, digital ads. That’s right, anything that’s a digital file can be on the portal, can be personalized/customized, and output in the format you need.

The portal is a piece of technology that should sit independent of your print and marketing relationship. It has great value across your entire organization.

The expanded opportunities to use Web2Print to manage advertising specialty items, print local materials, and 3rd party vendor orders can be a great asset. And the internal service it provides is invaluable.

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