Web2Print Corporate Portals

There are three major demands companies have related to print marketing communications:

  1. Control Costs
  2. Maintain Brand Consistency
  3. Provide Access to Marketing Materials

Web2Print portals address all these needs, and more. The online portal allows companies to define various access levels to provide easy access to print marketing materials, control ability to purchase or approve purchases, and of course manage overall print budgets. One spot to see usage, inventory, and minimize waste.

Marketers love the brand control. These portals use standard InDesign files or other file formats such as PowerPoint, PDF, and more to be fixed brand designs, while also allowing a user to personalize the content. Hence, the 2 minute and 26 second business card order. Imagine decentralizing the print, allowing online proofing with design brand control, and yet, controlling budget?

It’s essential to have marketing materials available to channel partners, sales staff, and all front line team members. Web2Print portals allow for materials in both print and digital formats to be available online. These can be ordered for print, downloaded for digital use, and can include email formats, HTML, promotional products, and more. Design your corporate store to allow partners to order materials at no cost, or discounted costs based on their performance. Yes, we can integrate with your systems to determine access levels, partner pricing of co-op programs, and a whole lot more.

TAG’s technology can be customized to integrate with content management systems, digital asset managers, and of course control permissions based on a variety of access methods. We get tech. Challenge us with your wishlist.

Time to manage your print with technology. Ask your rep for a demonstration, today.

See our video demonstration of our Web2Print portal with the 2:26 minute business card order.