Varnish Achieves High End Feel

Finishing touches such as varnishes will take a good print piece and transform it into an extraordinary one. The process of varnishing is quite intricate but well worth it and is accomplished by applying a liquid coating to areas of a piece that you intend on highlighting or showcasing. This liquid coating is then cured and dependent upon the option you select, will create a 3D finish in satin, glossy, or matte.

As we have mentioned numerous times before, texture is a crucial element of print marketing and varnishing is a simple way to add attractive visual and tactile texture without being too obvious. Varnishing will look impressive from a distance but will be even more eye-catching once it is held, making your piece the one that people will want to hold onto.

Varnishing is just the beginning though, at TAG we have several other finishing options which are just as attention-grabbing, including foiling and die-cutting. Foiling, which is the process of applying metallic foil (most commonly gold, copper, or silver) to your print piece has become very popular in recent months. It’s a simple way to add some glamor or opulence to an otherwise bland piece. When paired with a varnish, foiling can create a piece that will be irresistible and unlike any other printed materials on the market.

Die-cutting, on the other hand, designs the shape of the print piece. Die-cuts can be as uncomplicated or as intricate as you please, from simple circles to dramatic configurations. Custom shapes which are designed with varnishing in mind allow you to create a piece which is not only unique but attractive visually and physically. Varnishing can highlight a die-cut in ways that no other finishing touches can.

Both of these options, when paired with a form of varnishing can come together to create a truly spectacular print piece allowing you to stand out from the crowd of mediocre print. Who will be reaching for an expected and unsurprising flyer when your freshly varnished one is available?

In the world of print, competition is fierce, and by choosing to use a finishing option such as varnishing, you’ll be able to pull ahead from the rest. To learn more about your varnishing and other finishing options, reach out to your TAG print expert today!