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Granite State Credit Union has been a client of Talient Action Group for nearly two decades. When GSCU was rebranding, Talient Action took the opportunity to help GSCU reimagine their print buying process and tools. We knew it was our responsibility to help our client in all aspects of their print marketing and administrative print needs. We introduced them to the idea of online technology to save time and budget.

GSCU was very traditional in their approach to print buying. There was one internal contact for all employees to funnel requests through. All orders, big and small, were quoted out to multiple vendors, and ultimately each project would be awarded to one of several print vendors.

Change is good. Talient Action was able to show the GSCU team how the 25-35 minutes of bidding each project to five vendors, responding to RFP questions, informing vendors of the win/loss, and ultimately managing individual projects across multiple vendors was costing them serious dollars. By negotiating annual rates for all materials, GSCU was able to enjoy massive savings on print, not to mention dramatically reduce their headaches.

To put the savings simply:

75 orders a year at 30 minutes each = 1 week of time spent print quoting

1 week of time spent print quoting + the actual print placement and internal management = 3-4 weeks a year

coordinating print

Savings of 3-4 weeks of time per year by working with Talient Action Group

Like all businesses, they were looking for a better way to save time and money related to their print needs. Many think having multiple vendors and bidding on every project is the solution. In reality, it’s the opposite. Today, this typically costs businesses significantly more.

We introduced GSCU to Web2Print technology. After the first demonstration, they were hooked. Now, they have their own TAG storefront portal with an entire catalog of products available at their fingertips, they know how to take advantage of modern print technology—best prices and better schedules all with the ease of online ordering.

The portal is accessible to anyone with a Granite State Credit Union email. Employees can register and log in to the portal to design, personalize, and submit order requests. Forget the hassle of emailing someone back and forth and waiting for their response to get what you need. With the ease of the storefront, all the three managers must do is approve the order requests and the order is ready to be printed.

The automation built into the Web2Print technology also reduces the turnaround time for orders to be produced and shipped. By utilizing the portal, most orders are literally sitting at a digital press ready to be run just minutes after clicking approved. Shipping is also expedited through integrations with shipping systems. All in all, the average turn time is reduced by 24-48 hours.

Another huge savings the portal offers is inventory management. Managers can keep track of their branches’ inventory month over month to make sure there is no waste of print materials. Managers can order shells in bulk that sit at the warehouse until more is ordered allowing them to combine high-volume pricing with print-on-demand needs. The client experiences less print obsolescence which is better for their budget and the environment.

Not all things can run through a Web2Print solution. There’s always new needs. That’s where the relationship will always matter. GSCU knows our team is ready and able to respond to all their needs.

Recently, GSCU had a time-sensitive job they needed done. This didn’t fall into the web2print realm. They needed 45,000 personalized letters, 50,000 disclosure documents, and 45,000 window envelopes to be printed, folded, stuffed, sealed, sorted/trayed, and delivered to USPS with a quick turn to meet regulatory demands. We did it.

Talient is there for our customers – Web2Print or the old fashion human way. We know your needs change, and we want to offer only the best service options for you.

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