TAG Online Storefronts

TAG Online Storefronts 

The most popular function of Web2Print portals is undoubtedly ordering the everyday business card. That’s right. Signing onto a portal to be able to type the information for the name, address, various numbers, and other information, and pressing ‘order now’ is the most basic of needs any business has. Watch TAG’s video to see how a business card can be ordered in 2 minutes and 26 seconds. In this instance, the portal has reduced ordering time, eliminated proofing time and typesetting fees, and sped up the turnaround. 

However, portals are much more powerful than a simple business card order. The administrative and financial side of companies will appreciate the controls a portal provides: 

  • User privileges can be assigned to allow specific users rights to place orders, approve orders, manage a department, and individual spend limits, etc.  
  • Personalization and customization may be implemented on any marketing piece allowing users to key information to personalize the ultimate print piece or customize the piece based on allowed parameters such as having five options for a brochure cover photo. 
  • Multiple channels can benefit from this personalization and customization tool. All products in the portal (business cards, email templates, PPT files, and even HTML files) can be personalized and customized. 
  • Additional vendors can be provided access to the Web2Print portal to allow businesses to place other partners within this single access location. Corporate gifts and ad specialty promotional items may be added to the store for ordering. And, each vendor may manage their own products, pricing, inventory, and delivery parameters.  
  • Content may be integrated with corporate repositories to improve access to the latest marketing materials, remove outdated materials from circulation, and provide channel partners with the latest versions. 

Examples of Web2Print portals: 

  • The 2.5-minute business card order 
  • NH Liquor & Wine Outlets: Store managers across 80 retail locations are able to order product signage when store resets are implemented. The need for new gondola signs over retail shelves and cornice signs for wall shelving can both be ordered from a Web2Print portal. The system also manages the inventory for overall signs that are in the warehouse. When signs are removed from use in one store they are returned to a central warehouse because they may be usable in another.   
  • Derry Medical Center uses a Web2Print portal to ease the ordering for common materials such as patient appointment cards, new patient forms, and many other items used across their multiple locations. The ordering becomes easier, as does the management of the budget for the materials.  

Contact one of TAG’s experts and ask to see a live demonstration to learn more.