Promises You Can Bank On

Five Promises from TAG

At TAG, our commitment to you can be easily seen in the five promises which we make to all our customers:

We will reduce your print costs

While price is rarely the sole factor that is considered when choosing a print partner, we recognize it’s important for all of our customers. We understand you need to maximize your budget and get the most out of every dollar. And because of that, we take pricing very seriously and do everything we can to find ways to reduce costs. That could mean changing some print from high quantity to only on-demand to avoid obsolescence. It could also mean looking at different print technologies, stock, design or even colors. Rest assured, we have your budget at the top of our priorities on every project, and we’ll do whatever we can without sacrificing quality and experience.

We will simplify your internal print order process

We are experts at finding ways to leverage technology to make things easier for your team and your branches. Our Web2Print portals allow clients to manage their print buying processes with excellent sophistication. Decentralizing print can be scary, but it can be highly effective. Appropriate approval processes will make this a comfortable transition and protect budgets. Likewise, these technologies will protect brand while empowering your branches to be powerful marketing tools.

We will provide the best service you have ever experienced

We’re a humble team, but we’re also proud and not afraid to share it! We love hearing feedback from our customers, and we love it when they share their experiences working with us. We survey our customers with a single monthly question, “Would you refer Talient Action to a colleague?” and the results are consistently amazing. We recognize that you have options when it comes to who you will partner with. Our team is focused on ensuring you have the best possible experience and we take that very seriously. Our team is also extremely experienced in ban industry marketing and print programs, with an average tenure of 15+ years in the print business.

We will meet deadlines

We always love it when our customers are good planners and give us plenty of time to complete projects. But we also recognize that’s not always reality and emergencies happen. We’re pros at crunch time and have handled many important deadlines in our 3 decades of servicing clients. From direct mail projects with extremely tight timelines, to rush jobs where someone forgot to order that ultra-important piece for a community event, our team will step up when you need us to. We hope you never have to test us, but we’ll be ready to make it happen when you do!

These five promises are what set TAG apart from other printing companies. Your success matters to us because it’s how we measure our own success. If we aren’t lowering your costs, simplifying your print order process, providing you with excellent service, smart marketing ideas, and meeting your deadlines, then we aren’t accomplishing our goals.

Curious about how TAG can lead your bank to success? Learn more about everything TAG can do for you and what sets us apart from other printing companies. We promise you’ll be glad you did!

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