Print is Thriving Because Heidelberg Technology

There are great reasons Talient Action just installed Heidelberg SpeedMaster 74 press. The main reason – the demand for print marketing is growing. It’s no secret that competition for search pay-per-click grows, and email filtering is continually diminishing email open rates. Smart marketers are integrating print into their strategic campaigns. If you haven’t discovered the power of data-driven print marketing, we need to chat.

Anyway, back to the exciting announcement. TAG completed the installation of our latest Heidelberg SpeedMaster 4-color with coater, 29” sheetfed press. The use of our web2print print portals continues to nearly double each year for the last few years. Getting from click to print to mail in the most automated fashion is an area in which Talient Action Group has led the way. TAG has been at the forefront of technology, and continues to build upon proprietary systems to innovate what’s possible.

The new press is a significant investment in our commitment to delivering exceptional quality with unmatched efficiency. The press fits nicely with our state-of-the-art print facility where online orders are routed to press within minutes of a client click. All this automation means lower costs for our clients.

Here are some key highlights and opportunities that the new Heidelberg SM74 printing press brings to our valued clients:

Unparalleled Quality: The Heidelberg SM74 is widely recognized for its exceptional print quality. Its advanced color management system and precise registration capabilities ensure vivid, sharp, and accurate reproductions. Be sure your designs are printed to make a lasting impression.

Enhanced Efficiency:

Equipped with the latest automation features, the Heidelberg SM74 streamlines our production processes. This results in improved turnaround times and increased productivity.

Expanded Versatility:

The Heidelberg SM74’s extensive range of printing options offers uniquely thick stocks, fluorescent and white inks, and various coating finishes.


This versatility doesn’t come at a price. The press is designed to optimize ink usage and minimize waste, resulting in cost savings for both short and long print runs. Our clients can benefit from competitive pricing and available capacity.


We are proud to align ourselves with Heidelberg’s commitment to sustainability. The SM74 press incorporates environmentally friendly features, including reduced energy consumption, eco-friendly inks, and waste reduction measures, contributing to a greener printing process.

The acquisition of the Heidelberg SM74 press underscores our dedication to delivering outstanding quality, efficiency, and innovation to support your business goals.

*Heidelberg Press details: SpeedMaster 74