It’s time for a marketing pop quiz!

Question: 91% of American adults read content from ____ in the last six months?

  1. Social Media
  2. Billboards
  3. Magazines
  4. Newspapers

The majority of us would probably guess a or b. But the true answer is c, magazines!

91% of American adults read magazine media in the last six months. If this comes as a surprise, you’re not alone. Print is far from dead. And, it’s quickly finding its way into the hands of younger audiences.

(Image from The Association of Magazine Media)

Armed with this data, a corporate magazine is something you should consider. There’s a void in the publishing market. Many free distribution magazines have gone away. Industry trade publications are curtailing their mail lists to only subscribers and members. You have an opportunity to standout. It will lead you to better engage your audience, be the expert in your field, and reach key audiences.

If the thought of creating and publishing your own magazine sounds daunting, it shouldn’t be. It’s easier than ever before to create a magazine for your brand. Chances are, you already have a stockpile of content on your website or blog. Your sales team does presentations every day, and this is amazing content. You have internal employee training sessions – again – great content created. This content can easily be converted into magazine format. Gone are the days where the production of a magazine required a specialized publishing team. Now, you can handle the process on your own with the help of a print marketing service provider.

Imagine doing all this with minimal cost? Well, cooperative advertising can help achieve that very goal. Many resellers of products or services have the opportunity to generate advertising revenue to offset the production and mail costs. Would anyone like to get your referrals? Does your business already engage partners? Then, this is an ideal place for those referral partners to step-up and help you market.

The pages of a magazine are a beautiful canvas. Use them to showcase your gallery of products, highlight your successes, and show off your industry expertise. By creating a corporate magazine, you will be able to further set yourself apart from the crowd. You will also give your audience a new avenue to connect with your brand and experience your expertise.

Whether you’re looking to grow your work with current clients or dive into new markets, TAG can help you design and produce the magazine you need to accomplish your goals.

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