If you’re looking to escape the cold, take a quick (virtual) vacation to the beach with this incredible piece of print advertising from Nivea. Nivea, an internationally known sunscreen and skin care company, took their protection up a few levels by providing mothers with the ability to better watch their children on the beach with a print magazine ad. Yes, you read that right, a printed magazine advertisement helped keep children away from harm. Here’s how it worked!

Their campaign, which was a print and mobile execution, offered a bracelet which popped out of a print ad and could be fit onto a child’s wrist. This bracelet, when synced with Nivea’s app, allowed mothers to see exactly where their children were and also created virtual boundaries within the app’s map. These boundaries, if crossed by the child, would instantly alert the mother on her phone so that she could bring her child back to safety. As anyone with a child knows, keeping an eye on one in a crowded beach area is not only difficult, it can be dangerous. This campaign by Nivea helped relieve some of that anxiety, but also kept children away from areas where could have been harmed.

While elaborate, Nivea’s campaign is a great example of the benefits of digital and print advertising working together. The ads, which were printed in magazines targeting young mothers around Rio de Janeiró beaches, not only got people talking but also provided parents with a sense of security. Additionally, Nivea greatly benefitted as well, as they were able to get consumers to sign up for their app, and have children advertise their name via the Nivea branded bracelets. Talk about a win-win!

While this campaign’s details may be difficult for smaller companies to accomplish, the basics of combining print and digital advertising can still be accomplished through smaller marketing budgets and oftentimes yield impressive results. This is because when utilizing both mediums you can reach your audience at so many levels and in a variety of ways.

Print puts your brand physically into the hands of your customer while digital provides a continuous support of your overall message. Whether your goal is to ease the worries of parents or increase your sales, a combined approach will get you results. Together, digital and print can accomplish goals which neither could alone, making them the easy pick for your next advertising campaign.