Multi-Channel e-tailers Marketing

As TAG continues to develop technology that drives additional revenue for our customers, the extension of our multi-channel e-tailers program is nearly ready for launch. With strategically crafted algorithms to drive further customer engagement, the updated system launch is going to knock the socks off our B2C friends. Email continues to decline in open and click-thru rates. This is primarily driven by the increased blocking and filtering that email providers are adding to their systems. This is driving a surge in integrated direct mail and email (multi-channel) engagement programs.

Stop losing those great customers because they don’t receive your email. Learn more about how TAG has developed 5 unique programs which email marketers are loving. New release coming in July, 2018. We can’t wait!

The Print IQ that has gone into this expanded Smarter Print product from TAG is definitely one of the most complex analytics available for e-tailer systems. Data from leading online commerce platforms is easily integrated with the program for increased analysis and reporting, and of course high-return target selection. Users of Magento, Shopify, BigCommerce, and Volusion will love the addition insights the TAG e-tailer program provides – not to mention the additional revenue.

TAG Knows Email and Direct Mail

There is a great connection between email and direct mail, and the TAG team knows how to yield the most of the combined effort. Clients running robust email and digital advertising campaigns will be shocked at the response rates of integrated direct mail campaigns. Variable Data Printing drives that personal engagement that consumers seek. And, furthermore, it personalizes the offline tactile experience the user receives. This makes the experience from online to offline very familiar.

Print IQ for Email Marketer

The algorithms that drive TAG’s direct mail program for e-tailers have a familiar feel for email marketers. However, the analytics of your data is what drives the great results. By answering a variety of questions on your product, market, consumer, lifecycle, and other information, the algorithm is able to select the appropriate data for all TAG’s programs. These include specific focus’ on Lost Customers, Engagement without Conversion, Excess Abandoned Carts, and several others.

Speak to one of our direct marketing experts to learn more about the multi-channel service. And, as always, we can execute in multiple channels or complement your current engagement programs with direct mail.