Lead Nurture Programs

Lead Nurture Programs 

How easy is it to find the world’s best salesperson? Yeah, we don’t think it’s too easy, either. Lead nurture campaigns do more than you think. The premise of lead nurture is simple…. entice, engage and eventually close the deal. Lead nurture campaigns can be very advantageous when there is a longer sales cycle, a lesser known or understood product or offering, or simply not enough revenue per transaction to justify the high costs of a salesperson touch point. And, likewise, lead nurture can completely change the results of a sales team by providing supporting outreach and engagement. 

Lead nurture campaigns target identified individuals. They utilize information about the individual to customize messages and to yield greater responses. The success of the campaigns are based on several factors: 

  • Consistent outreach – Sales teams are stretched to the max. They oftentimes need to prepare their own proposals. They are roped into the post-sales customer service efforts. And, they aren’t always easily identifying potential new prospects. Lead nurture campaigns are intelligent campaigns that allow you to set-it and forget-it. And, they ensure there will be intelligent outreach. Even when sales teams change, and members come and go, the prospects that are actively engaged will never be forgotten. 
  • Smart content paths are developed to be sure that when your prospect engages with a specific piece of content either online, in an email, or direct mail, the next communication will be even more relevant to that prospect. These content paths are defined upfront before the campaign launches and provide maximum impact. 
  • Analytics are a great asset in lead nurture campaigns as these campaigns are oftentimes multi-channel. Regardless of how many channels are used, the statistics of open, click, action, engagement, etc. are used to drive the next engagement, relative messaging, and even the offers a recipient may receive. 
  • Automation is based on actions the target has taken in some channel, the actions of our sales or customer service teams, or even other historical information known about the prospect. You may nurture someone who had a recent poor survey score result, you may nurture another person differently because they made several recent web visits, but no purchases. The automation is key to cost control and performance. 

Lead nurture campaigns can be fully automated or require some interaction. In either case, the premise is the same – great content, automation, multichannel engagement. Integration with leading CRMs or other database systems is ideal. Think of how you can automate your salesforce into even greater results. If you don’t’ think your sales team reached out to the number of people and the right people last month, then how do you expect this month’s sales to skyrocket? Build the automation and everyone wins. 

Lead nurture campaigns can be costly and complicated to set up. Let TAG’s crew show you the easiest path to implementation. Consistent evolution of any lead nurture program will simply provide better and better results. The investment of energy and dollars is well worth it. Look at your sales team’s performance and the changes within the team. Ask yourself two questions, have any prospects been forgotten and has your team consistently engaged all prospects to increase close rates? 

See a live demonstration of communication engagement paths, CRM integrations, and much more. Ask your TAG representative, today.