Knowing The Right Time to Refresh Your Print Collateral

If you haven’t looked at your marketing collateral, there is no better time to start. An essential part of driving new business is your company’s printed sales material. Remember, every part of your marketing collateral needs to communicate your company’s message, brand, tone of voice, color, and style.

Here are some questions to ask yourself when considering if you need a collateral refresh.

Do I have consistent branding?

If you have updated your branding in the past few years, did you update it throughout all of your materials? Does the style and brand align? Be sure that you are updating your print materials just as often as you are updating your digital ones. Keeping branding and messaging consistent across all channels will be critical to maintaining a strong brand experience in the market.

Do my materials look modern?

It is important to make sure that all of your printed materials are up to date including your imagery. Outdated imagery being used in collateral can give off the wrong impression to the consumer.

Does my messaging speak to my target audience?

Your product or service should solve a need, want, desire, pain, or challenge for your consumer, or else your materials will be ignored. Make sure you have identified your precise target audience and develop messaging and imagery that speaks to them.

Are my current offerings up to date?

Is your print collateral up to date with all your current services and offerings? Every time a new service or offering is added the collateral should be updated to reflect it. The addition of services or offerings to your business is an important area of growth that you should look to promote.

Does all my marketing collateral include digital contact information?

Does all of your print collateral have updated contact and social media information? Make sure that all of your collateral pieces are the same and have the most updated contact and social information. The addition of a QR code to your printed collateral makes it that much easier and more convenient for the consumer to get in contact with your business.

Refreshing your collateral is very important. Consumers are aware when your collateral is outdated and that may be a factor of why they choose another brand over you.

Quick Glance Case Study

When Members First Credit Union decided to undergo a complete rebrand, they realized ensuring only new branding was represented on all of their print assets was going to be a major undertaking. With multiple locations, maintaining consistency across all assets would be difficult.

When TAG first introduced the idea of a web2print storefront to help organize their print, the Members First team was skeptical. They feared they would lose control over their print budget as more people would be involved in ordering. Keeping track of how much print each branch was ordering sounded difficult to manage. What they didn’t know, was that a web2print storefront offered them the ability to setup easy approval processes, so that all orders must be reviewed and approved before printing. This provided the branches with the flexibility to place their own orders, key in their personalized or localized content within a branded template but gave the marketing team the comfort of knowing all orders would be run by them first.

Not only has the Members First team benefitted from the web2print solution, but they have also found it to be extremely cost-effective and convenient for all of their branches. They have also realized faster turnarounds, up to 2 days faster since implementation.

Web2print storefronts are the perfect tool to manage all of your freshly rebranded materials. Refresh your collateral and consider getting your own web2print. Contact one of our experts at Talient Action Group.