Quit losing customers to your competitors. Win them over and keep them with a loyalty program. Brand loyalty comes in many shapes and forms. And print is always a necessary component.

Print can be utilized in your loyalty program in several ways. Print is essential, because it’s a guaranteed delivery. With declining email delivery and open rates, and even txt messaging unsubscribes, print is still the master.

  • Birthday Cards – make your brand a part of their big day!
  • Coupons – tailored to the individual’s behavior
  • Branded Swag – to encourage certain actions

Customers want to feel rewarded. They enjoy having a personal connection with your brand. Use your loyalty program to tap into these desires. By recognizing their birthday or sending them custom coupons, you’re building a relationship with them. It’s the small things that add up. 

Your program doesn’t need to be purchase driven either. Instead, give them a reason to interact with you often. You’ll stay top of mind, and they’ll stay rewarded. Think about what you’d love to see consumers do – visit your web site, learn about a new product, leave a review. All these items are essential. And, when positioned correctly, build a deeper relationship. Many companies have implemented platforms which take loyalty programs to the maximum performance level. They don’t just reward their customers. They build brand advocates.

Imagine rewarding a customer with points, and not just points they can use toward a purchase. Sure, everyone does that. What if these points were only redeemable in a branded swag store. Imagine customers electing to use points to purchase your awesome hoodie or running shirt or that great ¼ zip pull over. That’s right – points that they can use to purchase your branded goods will create a deeper connection and make these individuals walking billboards.

Loyalty programs don’t need to be complex to be effective. Having a simple program is a great approach. Nobody enjoys navigating a complex system with confusing requirements. When creating your program, keep your goals clear and the pathway to achieving them straightforward. Whether that looks like mailing them a birthday card with customized coupons or building a direct mail campaign off their abandoned shopping carts, it is up to you.

If you’re ready to start building loyalty for your brand, connect with TAG. We have loyalty program experts who know how to keep your customers coming back for more.