Impact of Direct Mail During COVID-19

The United States Post Office is a business just like any other. They have reported dramatic decreases in direct mail marketing due to COVID-19. Additionally, consumers are spending more time at home. The rate of purchase for many industries has dramatically increased during this time period. At-home fitness equipment is selling faster than you can do 5 burpees, car sales and leasing are still on a steady trend with last year, and home improvement projects are skyrocketing. This creates an opportunity for all businesses. 

The walk to the mailbox has become a daily break shared by many family members. The chance to get out, walk, cruise the neighborhood is a welcome win for the day. And, oftentimes, it includes a stop by the mailbox to pick up some reading material. With more in-hand time than ever before, direct mail is an amazing tool for businesses to take advantage of.

Here are some recent examples of how direct mail is being used:

              Banking – Personalized offers for refinancing and consumer lending products such as personal loans for home improvement.

              Retail – Driving your consumers online for purchases, reminding them you are open for business – even if only curbside.

              Restaurants – Sharing condensed menu offers, explaining curbside and pickup options, and reminding them you are ready to cook for their family.

              Fitness – Whether you offer a service or equipment, this is your chance to further your relationship with consumers. Show them what you’ve got.

              Finance – The markets are traveling more erratic than the world’s tallest roller coasters. As a financial planner or wealth management firm people are seeking advice. Get in front of your desired audience with a highly targeted direct mail campaign. TAG can help build your list based on credit information, lifestyle, and other known details. And, we can even target with multiple channels – digital ads, email, and direct mail.

              Home Services – You may be one of the lucky ones who provide home services such as HVAC sales, landscaping, construction, windows/doors… all the fun, but not typically DIY projects. Hit up the neighborhoods where you’ve done work and can easily show neighbor testimonials or based on the average house age. 

There are a lot of ways to utilize direct mail. The least expensive is through an Every Door Direct Mailer program. The USPS offers the greatest postage discounts for this program. You can be in the hands of residents for as low as 39 cents a piece. Yes! 39 cents for print and mail. Contact your TAG service representative, today. They can help determine the best marketing approach.