How to Craft the Perfect Holiday Card

Everyone enjoys opening their mailbox and finding it filled with holiday cards. 56% of people state receiving and reading mail is a “real pleasure” and they “look forward” to seeing what’s in their mailbox. Sending a holiday card is a no-brainer for any business. But, how do you create one that will have an impact?

Get some insider tips from a print company that has been designing holiday cards for businesses for over twenty years.

Stay on-brand! Is your business one that would benefit from a flashy foil-embossed card or is it more of a solid-color textured stock style? Just because you have thousands of styles to choose from, does not mean they will all work for your brand. You want your customers to recognize your brand, or at least your brand’s style before they even read the card. Be festive but also remain authentic.

Don’t forget the envelope. Don’t let your card’s envelope be an after-thought! The envelope is the first place your customer will come in contact with your holiday card and it should make an impression. Choose your colors, font, stock, and style carefully. Your envelope sets the stage for not only your card but the message inside. Don’t miss out on an opportunity to catch your consumer’s eye and provide them with another avenue to be reminded of your brand.

Grab some attention. Hopefully, your on-brand card will be beautiful or exciting enough to be placed on a desk or shelf! Just because you’re remaining on-brand does not mean you need to avoid some festivity! Have fun with holiday images, sparkles, cheerful colors, and fonts.

Share the right message. Once you’ve gotten your envelope and card designed, it’s time to craft the perfect message. Decide whether you will focus on thanking your customers, getting them excited for a new year of business with you, or maybe a little of both. Perhaps you want to recap what your team has done for non-profits and encourage everyone to participate in a season of giving. Whatever you choose, keep it short and sweet. Be sure your brand’s tone carries over in your note and, of course, handwriting, not type, goes a long way!

Don’t be late. As tempting as it can be, avoid procrastination and sending out your cards at the last minute. The last few days leading up to the holidays are filled with chaos. Get your cards in the mail early so that they can arrive days before the big day. Holiday cards quickly lose their luster once the season has passed!

Other quick tips:

  • Consider sending an annual calendar with key dates noted on the calendar specific to your industry. Make it personal – collect photos from clients or employees.
  • Give to a non-profit in lieu of a gift to clients. Sure, everyone likes nuts and chocolate, but it is the thought that counts.
  • Drive your clients online to get their gift. Yeah, make it a selection process where they can visit your web site, get exposed to more offerings from your company, and select their preferred gift. Take the clothing size issue right out of the picture. Everyone likes branded schwag.
  • Personalize it. The trend is to make everything personal. Send a card that is personalized and include a gift that is, too. Drink coasters personalized with your client’s name and your brand will surely stay visible for years.
  • Create a challenge. Everyone likes a good challenge. Whether you include a puzzle they need to solve or assemble, or you throw out a challenge to be good during the holidays… make it fun.

Reach out to your TAG representative and get started on your holiday card!