For most of us, opening our email is rarely an exciting experience. As soon as we hit our inbox, we are overwhelmed by the clutter of work emails, spam, and advertisements. Most of the emails feel impersonal, boring, and unnecessary. In contrast to that, many of us have the opposite experience when receiving direct mail. Everyone loves the excitement of receiving a package or a card, especially when it’s completely unexpected and contains a thoughtful and personalized message.

When was the last time you sent someone a real, old fashioned letter in the mail? If you can’t remember or it’s been too long, consider taking the time to do so. You may be surprised how much you enjoy it and your recipient appreciates the gesture. It takes less than a minute to send an email and even less time to type out a text message, and while there is nothing wrong with utilizing these modes of communication, writing a letter or even just a quick note, can mean a lot more, especially in the business world.

We like receiving something that allows us to have a connection with one another, and a handwritten letter is one of the best ways to do this. A recent article featured on Handwritten reiterates this fact saying, “A sincere message can easily become an integral part of a person’s home or office space and serve as a constant reminder of the sender. They are showcased on desks and bookshelves. The human element is even stronger when the card is written by hand. We enjoy reading handwritten notes because they feel so much more authentic.” The best way to enhance these handwritten letters is via the utilization of personalized letterhead. Personalized stationery used to be a staple on everyone’s desk, and for every business professional, it should remain of high importance. As more and more business professionals opt for other modes of communication, they miss out on the opportunity to make an even bigger impression with their prospects and clients.

With the growing importance of humanization in a tech-heavy world, there becomes a greater need for professional methods of delivering personalized communications. Custom letterhead is the perfect solution for that need. As for the content, don’t stress it too much, a recent article by the New York Times shares that, “Because of snail mail’s novelty, what you say often matters less than the act itself.” Whether you want to drop your clients a quick thank you, invite another professional to an event, or acknowledge another’s hard work, a handwritten note on a branded letterhead is the way to go. As with any and all communication in the business world, personalization is key! As you consider reaching out to people with a classic letter or note, explore your options at TAG and begin the process of creating stationary with lasting impact.