GDPR is no small movement by the EU. This law which became effective May 25, 2018 is now going to rule how you handle customer data, email exchanges, and much more. Let’s provide some insight into how GDPR is affecting email and direct mail programs. How far reaching is this law? Here’s one simple example, have you produced a monthly email newsletter and do customers receive receipts via email after purchasing your product online or after having a service technician in your office to fix a plumbing issue? Well, stop all the emails. The rules stipulate you must be using clear opt-in, and the use of clear is specific, too.

  1. The Opt-Out process must be clear and simple for any automated or group email being issued.
  2. Opt-In must be a clear election by the user. They cannot be clicking through a form that has a pre-checked box. It also cannot be assumed any specific type of email, even transactional, is acceptable to the recipient. They must clearly opt-in.
  3. Opt-Ins must be a separate action. Users must elect to opt-in to a specific email communication type. This cannot be combined with any other action such as a terms and conditions acceptance.
  4. You must record all opt-in information as evidence to this action – the date, time, the source/location of the opt-in, the method, etc.
  5. Re-permission campaigns are necessary – The law requires that you audit your lists to ensure you have evidence of opt-in. Just because a user has received the emails in the past,  does not grandfather or allow email to be delivered now.

Why do I care if I’m in the United States. Simple – it applies to anyone that could potentially email a citizen of the EU. That one person who found you online and purchased from your site and is a resident of the EU is a potential liability if they are on your list. The traveler who purchased in your retail store and was signed up, or that list you acquired for marketing purposes… all impact your ability to market legally to that list.

What’s this mean for direct mail. Well, that’s simple – it’s still legal, it still has the best response rates, and it’s getting to be more popular, everyday.

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For more details: Read the Wiki review of GDRP.