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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the typical setup time for a program?

Most clients opt to start with a single program, such as an abandoned cart or lost client program. The typical single program takes three to four weeks to launch. This includes time to analyze data, review results, project outcomes, and make determinations on final target attributes. Some things that speed up the process – more standard data formats, strong analytics already in place, and access to a hi-res image library with consistent naming conventions to online products.

When will I start seeing results?

Like most direct advertising campaigns, you see results pretty fast. Direct offers to lost clients are certainly measurable. The key to direct mail is the same as digital advertising – the targeting, incentive offer, and call-to-action all have to align. Depending on mail quantities, frequency of purchase, and a few other key points, the program’s mail frequency will be determined. Assuming a bi-monthly execution, we would expect to have a program fine-tuned within three to four months.

How can I be best prepared?

The perfect world hardly ever exists. Every client is a bit different. The one challenge etailers tend to have is with imagery. They have beautiful web based imagery, but they don’t always maintain as robust a library of hi-res images for print. The best preparation can be starting to maintain a hi-res library equal to your low-res. This allows for a strong use of variable printing based on your customers and prospects actual behavior on-site. This yields the absolute best response rates. But have no fear, we can work within a limited library to get programs started.

How do we get started?

A conversation is always the best. It’s about determining your expectations, goals, and what can be achieved with a multi-channel program. Like many marketing tactics, there’s no silver bullet, but being good at what we do, we can certainly drive new revenue. You will appreciate that we talk the talk and walk the walk of all things digital and traditional.

Does this change my digital advertising approach?

It all depends on what you see for your current digital funnel. Sometimes, we will see shifts in remarketing budgets based on direct mail campaigns. 2018 has shown more and more decline in email response rates which has driven even more email sends. Unfortunately, this drives higher unsubscribes. Retailers are striking a balance between email and direct mail to keep the unsubscribe rate low.

What's the cost of the technology and direct mail?

Our technology is proprietary, and while you can’t get the same algorithms anywhere else, our primary business is still print and mail. You will find very reasonable costs for handling and executing mail programs. Typically, clients are looking at anywhere from $0.35 cents per piece for standard postcard mailers up to $1.00-$2.00 for personalized mini catalogs. It all depends on the piece we’re mailing, frequency, and automation. Let’s chat to get you the best rates possible.