Ever walk away from an office, and for days you just feel the brand? You’re impressed with how much the company invested energy into creating a vibrant workspace that appropriately showcases the brand. Well, that doesn’t come without a bit of effort, but it’s easier to do than you think. Today’s signage options give you a lot of options.

Recently, Hypertherm celebrated 50 years of excellence. We’re happy to share our 30th year celebration with Hypertherm and wedü’s 20th year. During the celebration, Hypertherm setup a great outdoor tent to host events with their incredible team. And, because they wanted to be sure the brand extended to this new, temporary outdoor space, they tapped the TAG team for a bit of help.

The use of lightweight tension fabric displays with front and backlighting was the perfect way to bring life to the brand in this setting. The ability to use exhibits such as pull-up banners, tension fabric backdrops, hanging signage, wall graphics, and much more is easy to do, and builds that brand.

8 TIPS for Better Signage and Brand Impressions:

  1. A quick check list of things to consider:
  2. What is the environment like (traffic, lighting during all hours of the day, sunlight, reflections, HVAC)?
  3. Are there requirements for weather or the environment that are unique?
  4. Is the distance to the audience or typical viewers sufficient for the size type displayed?
  5. Will the viewers be stationary, walking, driving, or segway-ing by your display?
  6. Does the display need to be portable, permanent or temporary?
  7. Can you reuse the physical structure or base skeleton, and change out the graphics easily and inexpensively?
  8. What will surround your display, especially thinking about tradeshow setups that may block specific views with tables or pedestrians?

There’s a lot more to environmental design than just pretty pictures. It’s important to be aware of all these things. The last call you want is a client saying their alarm system went off in the middle of the night because the HVAC system kicked on and caused a hanging sign to sway and move. Tap the experts for a review of your goals for signage and brand impressions.