As marketers, we walk the line of invasion of privacy, and being great targets. Our clients love the digital world. It’s easier to spin up ads, set budgets, change messages, turn on and off campaigns. But, some of these good traits cause bad behavior. We should not be constantly changing messages or shifting our budgets and targeting parameters. If we are doing so to narrow in on the right individual consumer or B2B prospect, then sure, that’s great. But, it’s important to spend and execute wisely. And, like any campaign, a single channel will never be successful on its own.

When it comes to a dual-channel approach, IP targeting work packs a great one, two, punch. Here’s how you can use it:

              – Use the mailing address of prospects or clients to deliver digital ads to only these specific households. Save money through this high targeting ability. 

              – When a user from this campaign engages with your digital ad, you can add a direct mail component. That’s right. Only individuals who click through on a digital ad can be delivered a printed direct mail piece. This controls costs and pushes the prospect to conversion. Certainly, your competition isn’t making this happen. 

IP Targeting is a great tool. Being able to deliver a direct mail piece to a web site visitor who does not identify themself can be hugely powerful. You even have the ability to define what actions on the site they must take to justify that direct mail. 

Imagine that – you can now start a conversation beyond remarking ads for web site visitors you do not know. Remarketing ads are essential in the marketing mix, but they have some of the lowest click-thru rates. Let’s explore the user experience using IP targeting to drive direct mail.

A user finds your web site – whether this is from a search result, public relations effort, street sign, or anything. They pop on the site, browse around, and then leave. They take no action to complete a form, provide your company with their information, or anything. For all intents and purposes, they are a ghost. Your only option is to try and remarket to them. Well, until now. With IP targeting driving a direct mail piece, the experience changes dramatically. 

That same individual visitors your web site, and then a few days later, they get a highly branded piece in the mail. If you want to be sophisticated, use their site page explorations to dictate what is on the direct mail piece using variable data. Now, that prospect feels like your brand is hugely engaged with the exact products and services they seek.

There are many ways to integrate smarter print into your marketing campaigns. Learn more about these automated approaches that you set up, refine, and let run.