Many have forgotten the power and impact of the classic business card. There was once a time when everyone carried a collection of these in their pocket. The best networkers still do. That’s because business cards are the simplest and most effective way to cut through the clutter and create a memorable connection with someone. This connection is not only genuine but personal in all the best ways.

Business cards don’t just share contact info. They also allow you to introduce your brand. This tangible networking tool offers you the ability to place a name and a face to even the largest of businesses, ultimately helping to humanize the brand. You probably can’t recall too many of those out-of-the-blue LinkedIn “connections,” but you probably recall individuals who have handed you a business card and chatted with you.

A business card can be a crucial part of your first impression, and when done well, will create an impactful one. It’s still the perfect companion for letters, too. The letter may get circular filed, but oftentimes, the business card survives the direct mail review. A business card should be more than an easy way to share contact information, it should be a way for a client to hold your brand in their hand. This is your chance to represent your brand, and yourself, through the use of color, stock, size, and design. In an ideal world, no two business cards would be alike, each one would be uniquely branded and offer a small experience for anyone who interacts with it.

No marketer would suggest that stores forgo posters and use napkins with scribbled notes for their advertising, and neither should you when marketing yourself. You never know when a business opportunity may arise, and a business card ensures that you are always prepared to represent the best version of yourself. A business card has the power to make or break your first impression, and unfortunately for many young professionals, they are missing the mark by not utilizing them.

Business cards show you are prepared, but they can also be an avenue for your innovation. While a simple card is better than nothing at all, the impact of a unique eye-catching card is much higher. Gone are the days of simple, rectangle cards with black ink, business cards can now be as unique as the individual they represent. Your options are endless: textured stocks, eye-popping color, and even metallic ink all cut into almost any shape you can imagine. Why settle for bland when you can create a lasting impression? There is a design just waiting to help you stand out from the crowd, it’s just up to you to find it. Reach out to your TAG expert and begin crafting your custom business cards so that you can begin building your network.