Amoskeag Health Maximizes Print Management Efficiencies

Amoskeag Health is a federally qualified health center non-profit offering family-oriented primary care and support services. Through all its programs, Amoskeag Health serves over 14,579 patients annually across four locations. They struggled with managing their print materials. With four locations, multi-lingual print versions, and minimal staffing it was difficult to manage internal order requests, versioning and edits, inventory levels, and still be efficient in their purchasing practices. Web2Print became their miracle solution.

A significant challenge for Amoskeag Health was simply business and appointment cards. One contact managing 100s of business card orders each year. Our team estimates nearly 2-3 weeks of labor went into ordering business cards EACH year.

They had a variety of different specialty positions throughout their locations. Patients came from diverse backgrounds and print was an important medium. In their old world, every order for a business card became an adventure. Changing information on fronts and locations, call numbers, contact info, and optional backers with information or appointment reminders, directions, etc. They needed over 38 different variations…

To save Amoskeag Health time and coordination of ordering print, Talient Action created a Web2Print portal where anyone with an Amoskeag Health company email could automatically register and order their own business cards. Within pre-defined layouts, employees still had the flexibility to make changes quickly through a dropdown menu, optional layouts, etc. Of course, proper approval processes were also put in place and automated through the Web2Print solution.

Amoskeag has also enjoyed the ‘smarter print aspect of Web2Print. After just the first 6 months, Talient Action was able to identify materials used across locations that were being ordered inefficiently. Savings were as high as 25-35% on some products. Using a combination of print-on-demand vs. print, store, and ship, Amoskeag has realized savings which means they can service more patients each year.

Using Web2Print has created major efficiency, reduced lost print materials, reduced printing costs, and improved brand protection.

“I really enjoy using the storefront. I find it to be easy to use, product descriptions with photos are especially helpful. I like the drop-down feature with price breaks, and the delivery date feature is a nice extra. Since we have multiple site locations and multiple departments within each site, the ability to add new ship-to locations and contact persons to each order comes in handy for us. All in all, very pleased with TAG Storefront!” – Amoskeag Health

In just one year of using the Web2Print Storefront….






Overall Savings


Saved Staffing Hours
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